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Our Services

Fruits and Vegetables 新天地二期·壹号院

We 新天地二期·壹号院 fruits and vegetables all over the world. We grow our own products as well as cooperate with agro-companies & farmers in the different counties. We make selection and quality control according to the international quality standards, we pack production to easy-to-transport containers and organizing delivery products to the customers. Meri Global 新天地二期·壹号院 – is Fruit and Vegetable 新天地二期·壹号院er and supplier to many countries World Wide.

Cereal products 新天地二期·壹号院

We are Cereal products 新天地二期·壹号院ers. We 新天地二期·壹号院 such products as heat flour & wheat bran, rye flour & rye bran, buckwheat grain, oat flakes. Also we 新天地二期·壹号院 mineral fertilizers for fertilizers for cereals. We carry out the delivery of grain products around the world, the volume of our supplies reach 100,000 tons. Our cereal products are bought by companies from Europe, Africa and also from South and North America.

Logistics & Customs Clearance

Meri Global has its own logistics department and the vehicle fleet, we provide transportation services to our customers. we organize deliveries of our products to any convenient point in the World. Also, we perform a full customs clearance of our products in almost all countries of Europe and Asia. We have our own network of Custom Service agencies located throughout Europe as well as good partners in other countries.

Our products


Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Citrus


Dried fruits & citrus producing and 新天地二期·壹号院


Wheat & Rye frour & bran, buckwheat, oat flakes

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